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The PolG Foundation at J-Mit in Japan

January 16, 2024

Julie de Luxembourg, co-founder and vice president, and Dr. Brian Tseng, Chief Scientific Officer, participated in the J-Mit, The 22nd Mitochondrial Research and Medicine Annual Meeting, taking place over the 14th and 15th of November in Tsukuba, Japan.

Invited to give the keynote speech, Julie and Brian presented The PolG Foundation to several hundred Japanese mitochondrial researchers and clinicians, and also met with representatives from the principal mitochondrial patient groups in Japan.

The trip was a huge success in making The PolG Foundation known to PolG and mitochondrial researchers and clinicians, by increasing awareness and interest in PolG research, and creating what will be long-lasting partnerships with the leaders moving PolG research forward in Japan.

It was a great honour for The PolG Foundation to participate in J-Mit and to continue our efforts to push global collaboration in PolG science further.

Juile de Luxembourg and Brain Tseng introduce the Foundation at J-mit in the opening keynote
Leading Japanese Mitochondrial scientists/clinicians.
JdL with mito mother and founder of mito patient advocacy group.

Copies of pages in the J-Mit Conference book highlighting The PolG Foundation.